2019 Marketing Research Symposium
April 26, 2019

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INVITED TALK 1: Location and Winning in the Digital Economy

Wharton professor and online marketing expert David Bell explains why the way we use the Internet is still largely shaped by the physical world that we inhabit. The presence of nearby stores, trendy and friendly neighbors, and local sales taxes, among other factors, play a critical role in our decision-making when it comes to buying online. Our willingness to search for and consume information also depends on where we live and whom we live next to. Professor Bell will also share his unique GRAVITY framework, a powerful and practical tool that uses fundamental human behaviors and location-based conditions to explain how the real and virtual worlds intersect—and what Internet sellers must do in order to succeed.

INVITED TALK 2: Consumer Experience in the Internet of Things

What awaits us as we are able to interact with smart objects in our everyday lives, and these objects are able to interact with each other, often autonomously? What are the implications for human interaction and consumer experience? Will new marketing approaches be required? Internationally-recognized expert in online consumer experience Professor Donna Hoffman offers a conceptual framework around which researchers and practitioners can understand and act in the emerging Internet of Things (IoT)- assemblage theory. Her talk focuses on the context of the smart home, and offers useful insights for user experience, consumer research, and marketing strategy relevant to any IoT assemblage (e.g. cars, wearables).

INVITED TALK 3: Unrelenting Innovation: Transforming Markets and Creating Wealth

Technologies are evolving at an ever increasing speed, transforming markets and propelling small entrants into global leaders. Missing a single radical innovation can mean rapid decline and death for an incumbent firm. However, success with innovation has its own perils. It can lead to complacency, lethargy, or arrogance, what one of the world’s leading innovation scholars, Gerard Tellis, calls - the incumbent’s curse. Professor Tellis will discuss research-driven insights on how to break the incumbent’s curse by creating a culture for unrelenting innovation. He will articulate the traits that such a culture relies on and three practices that can break the curse, as well as a diagnostic that can help firms ascertain where they stand on these criteria.